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John Bernbrock

It all started with a hearty handshake. Mary Burke Hackett and I ( John William Bernbrock ) met almost 14 years ago. Truth be told, we met several years before that, but no one, including us, remembers. Only pictures from a north woods family reunion survive. What's the connection? Father John E. Bernbrock was and still is good friends with Bob and Marsey Hackett, Mary Burke's folks. He arranged the meeting over an Easter Holiday back in 1983. We met, married and have been falling in love ever since.

That was August 18, 1984 (the year of Orwell or someone)...the wedding date, that is. Along came William Robert on May 13, 1986. Christopher John followed four years later, on May 9, 1990. We set up parenting shop in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin...a small village north of Milwaukee. It's sunny and warm up here, two months of the year. Otherwise, it's cold and friendly.

Billy and Christopher are at St. Monica's School in 6th and 2nd grades, respectively. Billy enjoys basketball, baseball, football, but most of games. Christopher enjoys any sport with movement, particularly baseball and soccer. Billy likes Art and Christopher likes Math and they both love reading.

Mary Burke coordinates their days, just recently retired as the President of the St. Monica's Home and School Association. She developed a business of her own years ago called The Frugal Decorator. "Frugal, not cheap." She enjoys taking projects when she can fit them into her otherwise hectic schedule. She also coordiinates me, from clothes to directions on how to get from here to there. Directions to "there" usually result in the same place, and I haven't gotten there yet.

I've worked for the last 12 years at Specialty Underwriters Group in Oak Creek, Wisconsin....a small village south of Millwaukee. I coordinate the Information Systems effort for this company with all kinds of computers. 1997 was the end of an 18 month conversion project for us...hardware, software, operatiing system, database...the whole works. And nothing has blown up so far. We're all relieved.

We represent branches of the Madge Cunningham tree, our dear mother who recently preceded us to the next life.

We live at: 6154 North Kent Avenue Whitefish Bay, WI 53217 414.332.0446

email: jwbern or mbbern or bbern or